Services Offer By Company

Our biggest goal is to make schools a sophisticated kind of lab, where your Students get an advance technology education.

We want to give this advanced technology education to children in the form of their education as well as extra period.

Our Second major goal is to become a software engineer. To be the best engineer, we must provide software education to the students at your institution from a basic level and take it to a higher level over time so that your organization’s students are able to become a great engineer.

We not only want to educate your children on the use of software it will also provide complete training on software development.

Advanced technology education will consist of 70% practical while 30% will consist of theory education

The following additional services are provided by the Company to the schools, teacher’s students and parents. The company will fund its affiliated schools every year.

The company will also arrange a meeting of all the principal’s annually.

The company will also provide security to schools in cause of an accident.

Every year, the best performing teachers will be awarded the Trip, Cash Award, Medal of Honer and other Awards.

The company will provide free medical services to its affiliated teachers.

Medical services will be provided from one lac to five lac in serious causes.

Medical services will be associated with government hospitals.

The Company also provides Retirement services teachers.

After retirement happy life with children’s

The company will provide 50% free education services to students migrating to another city.

Poor Students Company will be fully supported.

Every year, the best performing students will be awarded the Trip, Cash Award, Medal of Honer and other awards.

Annual packages for Students

Parent’s meetings schedule

Parents with teacher meeting

Parents with director meeting

Poor Parents Company will be fully supported.